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Collaboration with photographer Samone ..IG @lavender.honey

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Hipcooties is more than a brand it is a lifestyle, we want to engage with you  and promote a sense of community for creatives. 

Natalia Zamudio 

Comfy, Economical, and Extra

IG: @Nataliazam

Currently what is your favorite thing in your wardrobe?

"My favorite piece is my powder blue 1960's Lili Ann coat with white shearling on the sleeves and around the bottom"

What is an item you're dying to have right now?

Natalia is on the hunt  for a blue /green 70's Indian cotton dress with lurex details and little bells on the drawstring

Why do you like thrifting?

Natalia loves thrifting mostly because she loves bargains, and how thrifting can be a form of expression by turning someone else's trash into treasure, which involves creativity 



Meat your maker

Natalia made her own two piece fit with a vintage crochet cropped top and mid length skirt.



90s circular shades look good on just about anyone 

Ruffle scooped neck cropped tops

Natalia thrifted her sheer pants from goodwill and paired them with high waisted underwear and topped it off with a cute knot in the front

hygge 17

This Season




 In essence, hygge focuses on coziness and creating a warm atmosphere. The word is all about enjoying the good things and moments in life with good people. 

Unlearn Hate

With the recent events , we are brainstorming ways to give back to our community and how we can make a difference. Throughout the month Hipcooties will donate 15% of all profits made to an organization of our choosing. Right now more then ever our citizens who are part of the LGBTQ community, POC, Women's rights, Muslims and immigrants need our help. Click the link below to find out more ways you can join the movement of unlearning hate and spreading love. ....


This Season

Why  limit yourself to the box you put yourself in? That’s the question that inspired our Autumn / Winter 2016 collection.This collection transforms unlikely statement pieces into everyday wear. Capturing candid scenes through a lens, that are relatable to everyday life. Practice being the opposite of the girl/ guy next door, and dare to be you. 

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